We respect and value great models. We ask the same respectful treatment from models in return. Below is a list of requirements for our models:

  • Models must come on time to all bookings. Traffic is just a reality in LA, so please plan your trip with traffic in mind. We appreciate if a model arrives 5 min. early for bookings. Late models will not be rehired.

  • Models must bring their own timer, cell phone, cell phone charger. Timing poses is part of the job of the model. Please do not request that the teacher time your poses.

  • Models must not advertise for other art studios, art teachers, art classes or art events, directly or indirectly to our students. We appreciate your common sense.

  • Models take timed 5 minute poses between breaks. Please do not leave the room to make phone calls. There are often instances where the breaks are longer due to teaching demos - however, the model is still expected to remain in the classroom.

  • Models must respond in a timely way to booking confirmation emails. We usually confirm bookings ahead of time, and appreciate your timely confirmation of your booking.

  • Models must behave professionally. Should models have any concerns related to the job, these concerns should be raised directly with us. We will immediately address them. We wish to make you as comfortable as possible working with us!


For models who wish to be hired at Korpus School of Art, please note that we require a brief, informal in person interview at our location in Downtown LA. The informal interview takes only 10-15 minutes but is required before we will consider new models for bookings.

Please note that due to a limited number of available bookings, we are not able to accommodate all of the model requests we receive.

To better your chances of an interview request, please provide the following information in a brief email addressed to Rebecca at

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Cell Phone Number
  • List of References of Previous Bookings
  • Head or Body Photo/s which accurately represent your current physique
  • Please indicate if you do / do not pose for Model Photography
Please see our Contact Page for address, email, and phone information.

Thank you for your interest in modeling at Korpus!