We are located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown LA.


Korpus School of Art + Gallery
1300 Factory Place, Unit 308
Los Angeles, CA 90013




Want to visit the studio? Please contact us by phone or email to arrange a studio visit.


Street parking is free but is sometimes hard to find. There is valet parking in front of the building for $5-$7 cash or credit (price subject to change). Valet parking is subject to change, but is open M-F 9 am - midnight, and weekends around dinnertime. Please come prepared to valet park since street parking may not be available. If you tell them you are going to the restaurant (Factory Kitchen), it may be cheaper. After parking, go to the arched front entrance of the brown 1300 Factory Place building and dial 308 at the intercom to be buzzed in. We are located on the 3rd floor in Unit 308. Please feel free to contact the school phone at 213-220-2012 with any questions.


Super Shuttle is the least expensive mode of transportation to and from LAX. Cabs may cost up to $60 each way. Super Shuttle costs approx. $16 - $20 each way.

Super Shuttle info: You can book Super Shuttle to and from LAX. For those traveling from Korpus to LAX, you must book Super Shuttle in advance. For those arriving at LAX: when you go downstairs at LAX to Baggage Claim, you will exit out of the doors and go immediately to your left (don't cross the street to the center median, as that is not where Super Shuttle picks up). There will be a Super Shuttle sign at eye level at the curb not far down the sidewalk, and there will be a blue uniformed attendant who coordinates rides for Super Shuttle. Tell him that you are going to Downtown LA and he will arrange a van for you. It's a shared ride van, so you may ride with a few other people. The Super Shuttle vans are big blue vans with yellow lettering. Tell the coordinator that you have not made a reservation (this is fine, they can coordinate a van on the spot). Depending on how busy they are, it can take 15-30 minutes for a van to arrive. It can also take 30 min - 1 hour to get from LAX to Korpus. Please factor this time into your total transportation time.

*Be sure to take Korpus School of Art + Gallery's address with you so that you can tell the attendant where you are going. He'll ask for the address: 1330 Factory Place, 90013. He'll just use GPS to find the address. It can take 30 min - 1 hour to get from LAX to Korpus.

*The ride costs $16 CASH ONLY (this price may change, check the Super Shuttle website). Be sure to take cash, and usually you can tip $1-2 to the driver after he has dropped you off and unloaded your bags.


We are located on the 3rd floor of the 3 story chocolate brown building that is on the right of Factory Place as you are coming from Alameda. You will see our sign on the upper left of the building, and you will see our 5 windows facing downtown LA as you approach the building. The building has an indoor elevator, and is wheelchair accessible through an outdoor wheelchair lift.

There is free street parking in addition to free parking in the gated lot in front of the brown building, which is accessed by a gate on the right immediately before the brown building.

General note:
Please be sure to look up directions on Google Maps or GPS as well.


For detailed directions, please visit Google Maps:


Parking is free in front of the 1300 building.

The gated lot parking is for Special Events only, and is subject to space availability. Parking is $10 CASH ONLY per space, subject to availability. Usually there is ample free street parking. Please contact us with any questions regarding parking.